Taken away

Nope. I haven’t written in a while.
Yep. I’ve been taken away by wonderful things.

Over the course of the last few weeks, surprise has taken me for a ride.  There is  profound depth in slowness. Each experience is turned a few degrees so that we are able to see familiar things with a new light on them. These are probably more like bumper stickers than substantive thoughts.  Breathe deep. Here goes:

Built 5 snowmen – learned that the four people who live with me are the most beautiful when we’ve forgotten how cold it is outside.

Had one of the most tense meetings at work I can imagine – learned that I’m probably here for a reason, and that reason probably sanctifies both ways.

Enjoyed a Christmas program I had absolutely no part in creating – sometimes I’m best for God when I’m watching other people love something dear to them.

Realized that I had been away from pastoral ministry for a full year – discovered that (when you’re doing it right) shepherding is an art, carried out as effortlessly as breathing.

Began reading 3 new books (a Russian novel, one on sociology, and one on business practices) – discovered that there are only a few things that really need to be said (and that Dostoevsky understood Jesus).

Cried in silent prayer – was discovered by holy sorrow.

Heard my two sons singing: “You make beautiful things out of the dust /// You make beautiful things out of us” – learned how contagious melody can be for a child.

Rocked my daughter to sleep – felt the high and weighty honor of being called “Daddy.”

Stayed up way too late talking with my wife – heard that our house is a cathedral waiting for stained glass.


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