the treasure

From time to time, I’ll toss out some poetry on this blog.  This isn’t to bend “children of dust” into a cute poetry corner – but my experience is that sometimes God deals with my frailty through poetry, song, or word.  Really, these poems are meant as a break from the heavier (and longer) stuff that typically fills this space.  This poem however, bears unusual weight – especially given the context:

I had the honor to give a short reflection at my sister-in-laws baby shower this past Tuesday.  As a couple, pregnancy has been something of a roller-coaster for them.  The baby girl that they will soon welcome into the world is an answer to literally thousands of prayers.  As as part of my reflection, I offered the following poem.  Again – I’m honored by your reading.


– within a ship at sea

an unseen treasure stowed

cradled safe in darkness

a deepened joy will know

– kept in the sacred silence

tucked far from worry’s face

the treasure rests secure

inside the hands of grace

-though tossed by sweeping storms

where windswept torrents surge

the ship finds hard-fought comfort

in prayers too deep for words

– a give these wordless joys

in ever-growing store

like treasure born through anguish

delivered safe to shore.


2 thoughts on “the treasure

  1. Wow Brannon. Excellent. How incredibly touching reading about this precious treasure resting in the hands of God. And now I get to hold her just like I do our other three grand-treasurs.

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