Humility is above no person and above no task.
Humility expects nothing and asks for even less.
Humility serves without being asked and gives without seeking thanks.
Humility is a closed mouth and open hands.
Humility is a crownless king, a nameless physician, a wordless preacher, and a faceless warrior.
Humility doesn’t need to hear its own voice.
Humility loves quiet.
Humility doesn’t have to fake it.
Humility doesn’t have to hide because it has nothing to fear.
Humility is contented when employed, shamed when mentioned, surprised when honored, and delighted when forgotten.
Humility is a treasure to be sought.
Humility frees.
Humility open doors.
Humility silences critics, stifles objections, and stupefies skeptics.
With humility a man can lead nations. Without it, he can’t control himself.
Humility does noble things and tells no one.


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