reclaiming the past: informing the present

I recently began taking a blogging course offered by one of my friends, Jeff Goins.  Aside from being an all around great guy, Jeff’s a writer with the vision and ability to help others develop their craft.  One the things I’ve been learning is that successful blogs narrow their focus to broaden their audience.

Since I began Children of Dust 18 months ago, I’ve received a lot of great feedback.  I’m continually honored that you consider this blog to be worthy of your time.  Looking back across the posts and recalling personal conversations, it seems that the content that has been the most valuable to you as a reader has surrounded the topics of worship leadership and song story – often against the backdrop of history and creativity.

Honestly – that’s what I’m most passionate about.

So, I’m re-purposing Children of Dust to hone in on those two ideas: worship leadership and song story.  What you can expect:

  • The category and posts dealing with “mobilization” will start to shrink.
  • The categories “church” “leadership” will continue to grow.
  • Two new categories “worship” and “song story” will be added soon.

My continued hope is that your leadership will be strengthened, your worship will be enriched, and your church will be changed for the better.


Old Hymnal by ati sun, Flickr

And thanks, Jeff for your insight and help.  You’re a gift and a friend.

If you’re interested in taking Jeff’s course, I encourage you to sign up for FREE by clicking here. Jeff blogs at GoinsWriter and at Pilgrimage of the Heart.


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