A Dusty Book. An Awesome Text.

Dusty books rock.

A few weeks ago, I found myself with an extra hour in my brother’s shared office. Because he’s a literature grad student, his office is full of awesome books.

My eyes fell on a book called “The History and Use of Hymns.” Published in 1903. Perfect! The next thing I knew, I was neck deep in nerd-land.

Happy to be so.

Among the treasures I found was the following hymn by William Cowper, whom I’ve blogged about before. I’m not sure of the story behind this little beauty, but I thought I’d pass it on nonetheless.

A Debtor to Mercy Alone

Love, love, love the lyric.

If you’re a song-writer, let’s find a melody for this. (I’ve got mine, but I’m curious to see what else is out there…)


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