Admittedly, “children of dust” is a borrowed line.  One of my favorites.  It’s borrowed from Robert Grant’s hymn, “O Worship the King.”  Our spiritual great-grandparents were formed from dust.  And I suppose that’s what we’ll all comeback to eventually.

Children of Dust exists to tell the stories behind the songs we sing.  Many of these songs form the backbone of the worship life of the church.  Some are very old.  Some are very recent.

But you can get this information anywhere, right?  Do we really need another blog about it?

History is good.  But if we stop with simply recounting historical facts, it’s merely interesting.  We don’t need simple history.  We need stories.

We need to remember that the songs that we love were written by real people.  Like trail of crumbs, their words lead us back to real places, real tensions, real feelings of freedom, pain, joy, elation, and doubt.  By reconnecting with these stories, these songs can be thoughtfully re-imagined into where we find ourselves today.

Whether you’re a worship leader, pastor, or simply a casual reader, here’s my hope for you:

May your imagination be stirred,
your leadership strengthened,
your worship enriched,
and your church changed for the better.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Brother,

    E-props for coming up with a killer blog name that simultaneously means something and evokes remembrances of “Children at the Gate,” for those of us lucky enough to have read it (pretty much just you and me…).

    Much Love,

    • Hey Dr. Waggoner- Great to hear from you! So glad you ran into my blog – how did that happen, by the way? It’s always good to know your words are finding an audience somewhere :)

      What’s the best e-mail for you these days?

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