the beam

(As promised, here’s a little poetry.  Please accept it as my apology for not contributing anything in a while.)

This has to do with church leadership.  Yes it rhymes.  Sorry if that’s cheezy.  My brother told me once that he thinks I’m a metaphysical poet at heart.  I don’t know what that means.  So, Adam – consider this your metaphysical thank-you.

the beam

– a self-persuaded beam

untested and untried

lies silent and alone

with purpose unapplied

– once useless and detached

but soon employed by grace

the beam is pulled and set

and fitted place into place

– beneath the weight of hope

and grace’s gentle pain

the beam learns holy patience

through unrelenting strain

– now give us faith to rest

beneath your sovereign will

to gently bear your church

as you will bear her still


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